How We Do It

Some of the reasons behind our quality, freshness and simplicity.

How we do it #6

Our gelato is handcrafted using time-honored Tuscan traditions. We’ve spent thousands of hours learning from generations of artisans, melding ancient techniques to modern.

How we do it #11

We keep our gelato and pastries simple by using only five (cinque) main natural ingredients.

How we do it #7

We’re committed to a sustainable way of doing business. We make our gelato locally in Point Loma, San Diego, and always source our ingredients as close to home as possible.

How We Do It #12

We start with a select blend of the finest organically grown coffee beans. Then we roast them right here in Temecula, California, in the Italian tradition for a strong, full-bodied flavor.

How We Do It #20

Our gelato, bread and pastries are made daily from scratch in San Diego, by the loving hands of our chefs. We use only the freshest ingredients from Mother Nature herself.