About Us


We deliver the most Authentic Italian Café Experience outside of Italy.

Our Values.

Italy, often called Bel Paese (The Beautiful Country), is always in our heart (and in everyone’s heart). Its beauty, its culture and history, its fashion and design, and its culinary artistry are an inspiration to Pappalecco. Its diversity has birthed one of the most inclusive and friendly cultures – the model and standard for our service. Through Pappalecco, Italy welcomes you every day. Ciao

Love illuminates the path toward our mission. Love, above all, begins with God’s most beautiful creation: the human being. The human being is the core of any culture that wishes to create hope, harmony, joy and freedom. To us, Pappalecco is a metaphor for friendship – a place where one is valued and loved as the human being they are. We stand for the unconditional dignity of the individual

Others and us: We are convinced that every great accomplishment can only be achieved together. Our sense of togetherness radiates beyond. Pappalecco is an organ of the community. Our enterprise is one of an integrated system of organs that, together, give birth to society. Pappalecco feels the responsibility and we want to contribute to the beauty and improvement of our community and environment. We are honored to have the opportunity to express gratitude to the community daily through the loving nature of our employees. We thank you by offering a smile to everyone, every day

Vision, from here to anywhere: These days, there is often too much future in the present and too little imagination; too much expectation and too little vision. At Pappalecco, the future lies in the past. The past exudes a warmth that envelops our souls. The merging of our history with our vision defines a space in time – the present – that projects the future. Through this, we are not afraid to dream high or challenge the status quo. We are not afraid to…become. After all, Italy is the land of creativity

Eating well: Healthy, fresh and balanced nutrition is beneficial to the human body and mind and – indeed – the human spirit. We are committed to creating distinctive, healthful food from authentic, traditional, homemade products. Italy’s time-honored recipes serve as the guide and inspiration for our Pappalecco chefs.