All our Tuscan creations share the same formula: Freshness, Quality and Simplicity

Tuscan influence is palpable in every modern achievement of Western Civilization, in monumental architectural structures, life-like paintings, literary masterpieces, and awe-inspiring sculptures, recognized at first glance by the entire world; all conceived in one single Italian region, the birthplace of the Renaissance, Tuscany!

Saving Europe from the Dark Ages, the Renaissance set the tone for every artistic, scientific, and social development the world has seen since then. Defining figures of the art world, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Donatello, trained and forged in Tuscany’s Florentine School of Art, sponsored by history’s most notable patrons of the arts, the Medicis whose banking system would forever change the power structures of Medieval Europe and set the foundation for the emergence of modern forms of governments. Tuscan influence permeates every aspect of Italian culture, and linguistically, Toscano, the local dialect, was masterfully crafted into one, unifying, literary language by luminaries such as Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, and Petrache, the father of Humanism.

Considered to be a bedrock of culinary principles that emphasize freshness, quality, and simplicity, Tuscan recipes have traveled the world over. Along with delectable dishes and cooking techniques, Tuscany’s contributions to the wine world are highlighted by Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and Brunello di Montalcino, which are exclusively produced in Tuscany. Pisa, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza, Val d'Orcia, and the Medici Villas and Gardens form one of the world’s most dense concentrations of World Heritage Sites. Tuscany, responsible for humanity’s most magnificent expression of beauty owes everything to a single humble source, the place that nurtured the inspiration to our greatest achievements, a placed shared by Michelangelo, Dante, da Vinci, and Galileo, the Tuscan Home! Our gift to the world is this humble beginning, the birthplace of all things big and small, the warmth and hospitality that allow all things to be possible; we extend an invitation to this place, Your Tuscan Home, Pappalecco!

Our Beliefs

Pappalecco is a story of friendship between America and Italy, and a metaphor for friendship between all the countries and between all the people.

We believe that differences of any kind are worth the highest respect and represent an opportunity for reciprocal enrichment.

We believe that the status quo should constantly be challenged. Deep inside, we all are a bit artistic and a little creative, because we all are children of God the Creator.

We believe that human progress is more important than technical progress. The achievement of greater justice, wider fraternity, and a more selfless ordering of social relationships is the noblest meaning of progress. 

We believe that progress should not result in harm to Mother Nature but should instead nurture the human body, mind, and sprit.

We believe in beauty. Ethic and esthetic is the marriage that should never fail. An Italian product must be a triumph of taste and elegance. Everyone’s life should be created as if . . . a work of art.

We believe in our history and in its message. There is no progress without knowledge; there is no future without past. The human being is missing a lot of beauty that our progenitors have created.

We believe that the old Tuscan farmer has a lot to teach us. Our Tuscan grandma donated to us a treasure: her worn-out cookbook. Her recipes nurture our body; her hug feeds our souls.

We believe that the fundamental calling of a human being is to have humanity. Our daily action is shaped out of an ethical framework that places the human being at its core.

We believe that more love in the world is possible, and that love is the only way to dissolve any kind of evil, immorality, and corruption. We believe that a more mature, durable peace is possible in the world.

We are the “little Italian corner,” the place where you discover a friend previously unknown. Our days start, proceed, and end with a smile, because we believe that “a smile is the beginning of love.” We believe that with love and with the help of God, we can make a little change for the better in the world, if not a big one.

Our Leading Themes (Core Values)

We: “We” expresses our sense of togetherness. It means “us with you.” We are convinced that every great accomplishment can only be achieved together. (The same sense of togetherness and unity made both Italy and America the two wonderful countries they are.) We bring a sense of togetherness to work every morning. Communication + cooperation + sharing + combination + competition = Team Creation. “Us with you,” together, expresses a new Renaissance.

Eating well: Healthy, fresh, and balanced nutrition is beneficial to the human body and mind and, indeed, to the human spirit. We are committed to creating distinctive, healthful food from genuine, traditional, “homemade” products. Our Tuscan grandma’s cookbook is the enlightening guide for our chefs.

L ove will illuminate the path toward our mission. We love, above all, the most beautiful creation of God: the human being. The human being is the kind of good toward which the only desirable attitude is love. We stand for the dignity of the individual unconditionally. The human being is the core of any culture that wishes to create hope, harmony, joy and freedom. Papplaecco is a metaphor for friendship; hence, Pappalecco is a place where one is valued and loved as the human being he or she is.

Others: Our sense of “Together” radiates “beyond.” Our enterprise is an organ of the community—it is one of an integrated ensemble of organs that, together, give birth to an organism: the society. We feel the responsibility and want to contribute to the beauty and improvement of our community. We support charitable initiatives. We are honored to have the opportunity to express our sense of gratitude to the community through the loving natures of our employees. We thank you by offering a smile to everyone, every day.

Vision and present moment: These days, there is too much future in the present and too little imagination; too much expectation and too little vision. At Pappalecco, the future lies in the past. The past conveys the warmth that envelops our souls. The merging of our history with our vision defines a space in time—the present—in which we are fully engaged. Living the present to the fullest allows us to be completely focused on other human beings, while fully pursuing our ultimate vision: the enhancement of human dignity. 

Earth: Planet Earth, Mother Nature’s home, is undergoing a lot of strain these days. We are aware that our business activity—from lighting stores to using water—plays a part in the harm done to the Earth and to Mother Nature. Hence, we are committed to working tirelessly to minimize those harms and preserve all of the wonders Mother Nature donates to us every day. Every plant, every tree, every flower, every drop of water is alive, and they are indescribably marvelous to us.