Why invest in Pappalecco?


The Food and Beverage Market is Growing!

The stock market brings risk and uncertainty, but the food and beverage market keeps growing; foodies, organic products, craft beer, specialty wines, food-themed television shows, and blogs – food is the hottest trend out there. Pappalecco continues to grow; this year, we are slated to open two locations. In one year! Our growth has been continuous, but more importantly profitable, and you can be part of a national brand in the making! 

Improve Communities and Neighborhoods

We are a community-centered business. The most important criteria when selecting a location is “can we create a sense of community here?” Pappalecco is Your Tuscan Home, and homes improve neighborhoods by welcoming visitors, providing jobs, and offering comfort and stability in an ever-changing world.

Investment Opportunities for Everyone

Would you like to start your own store? Use our expertise, support, and reputable name to give you that competitive edge to succeed. Want to invest in your neighborhood Pappalecco or your favorite location? We have an opportunity that fits your budget and level of commitment.

Safe Investment, Hassle Free

Starting a business or investing in something new can be both scary and risky. Let us remove those obstacles; after investing years of hard work, we have created an operations network that is both effective and time-tested. You will benefit from our expertise, distribution, and production facilities that focus on quality ingredients, traditional recipes, expert craftsmanship, and reputable service.

Well-deserved reputation

Be part of something that is both loved and respected. Read the reviews, ask around; everyone loves Pappalecco!


Let us do all the work. We will work for you and your investment with regular updates and complete transparency.


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